Ela is
a very young language that is currently under active development. You can influence Ela design and take part in discussion of future Ela versions. Any help is appreciated. If you are interested in getting involved, below are a couple of places where you can start.
Ela News Group
Track Ela releases, ask questions about the language and development tools, request new features and support.
Ela Tracker
Found a bug? Want to request a feature? You can submit all new work items directly to Ela tracker, which is opened for everyone.
Ela at Rosetta Code
Want to solve some challengers in Ela? Peek any task you like at Rosetta Code or improve any of the solutions, which are already implemented.
Source Code
Ela source code is available under MIT license. You can browse in online or connect to a GIT repository (hosted on GITHUB) using a client of your choice (anonymous access is allowed).
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