Ela Console


This article provides basic information about Ela Console command line utility.


Ela Console uses a standard application configuration file for settings. If you don't see any, you can create it. The file should be placed in the same directory as Ela Console (elac.exe file) and have the name elac.exe.config. The structure of the file is pretty straightforward:
   <add key="key name" value="key value" />
You can add multiple keys to the appSettings section. In order to learn how Ela Console can be configured, simply lunch it with the -help key. You will see a list of command line options - all of these options can be specified via configuration file as well. For example, lunching Ela Console like so: elac.exe -t is the same as having the following key in the configuration file:
<add key="t" value="true" />
Normally you might need to provide some settings to Ela linker such as the locations where linker should look for the modules. They can be specified in the following manner:
<add key="ref" value="C:\MyModules\;C:\Ela\Code;C:\Misc" />
You can specify several folders, separated by semicolons. Ela linker will use these folders to look for the modules that are referenced within your code using open and import statements. By default linker looks only in the same folder where the executable Ela file is located.