What's new? (Ela Platform 2013.4)
Ela changes
Elide changes


This release of Ela Platform includes a new version of Elide and a new version of Ela, that includes some important fixes to Ela compiler. Also there are several corrections in Ela documentation.

Ela changes

Ela contains an important bug fix in compiler that addresses a problem with chained let-in declarations in the cases as follows:
qsort []      = []
qsort (x::xs) = let lessThan = section (<)
                    notLessThan = section (>=)
                    section pred = qsort [y \\ y<-xs | y `pred` x]
                 in lessThan ++ [x] ++ notLessThan
The code above used to generate a compilation error while beign completely correct. However, its full equivalent using where statement worked correctly:
qsort (x::xs) = lessThan ++ [x] ++ notLessThan where
                    lessThan    = section (<)
                    notLessThan = section (>=)
                    section pred = qsort [y \\ y<-xs | y `pred` x]}}
Now this issue is addressed and both code samples work as expected.
There are also a couple of other important fixes including processing of single expression do-notations and an incorrect grammar definition for record literal.
Other changes to Ela include transformation of a built-in fail statement (used to generate an exception) to a regular function and an ability to specify a default context for overload resolution. The latter is done like so:
open monad io
::: IO //here we say that a default context for top level is IO monad
_ = do putStrLn "Hello!"
_ = do putStrLn "Bye!"

Elide changes

Ela Platform 2013.4 comes with a new version of Elide that incorporates a lot of new features a changes. Elide offers several UI enhancements and bug fixes and cleaner interanls for the text editor infrastructure. The major changes are an integration of Ela Interactive environment which is now available as a tool window in Elide and a better support for High DPI screens.